Many people remembered all of the good things that their president and vice president have given as one part of their dedication to the United States. Unfortunately, there are some men who are remembered because of the bad things that they have done during their dedication time as the president and the vice president of United States. They are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. These names are quite famous for their main decision to attack Iraq because they think that Iraq has the mass destruction weapon with the biological technologies that are as dangerous as a nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, the accusation was considered as a false accusation. That is because some years after that, there are still no proofs related with the ownership of any kind of nuclear weapon of Iraq.

Even though many people do not have any problem with this kind of accusation, many of them still care enough to understand that Bush and Cheney has the main control over many attacks that United States launched to Iraq. As an addition to that, many of those attacks killed a lot of innocent people in Iraq. For those who are curious, there are thousands of innocent members were killed because of the attacks from the American missiles to Iraq. That is not something that many people will want to forget.

Against Forgetting the Cruelty of Bush and Cheney

As an addition to that, the fact that they illegally spying on many American people after the WTC tragedy was also something worth to remember. That is because the thing that they did was meant for the greater good, but the way they do it was considered as something against the constitution and the right of the citizens of United States of America. The last but not least, the way they treat their prisoners to get the information that they need are also considered as something inhuman. Some people might never think about this, but there are a lot of news saying that there are a lot of war prisoners and such things that were tortured based on the policies from Bush to get all of the information that are needed by the country. Even though these two men said that those things were just a mere interrogation tactic, there are a lot of people who agreed that those things are considered as one part of torture. That is not something that many people will easily forget.