There are must be bad records in presidential history all around the world, whether it is about corruption, misused of power, or making wars. United States of America surely had these stories. George Walker Bush, who is the son of the former president George Herbert Walker Bush, had so many stories to tell. As the old saying rambling “like father like son”, well, this Bush Junior had certainly followed his father steps. If long ago, his father made several controversies that including war criminal, well, so he was.

George W. Bush was the 43th President of the United States. He and Dick Cheney, the Vice President, elected in 2000 (with extra side dirty story behind the election) and then officially ruled the country since 2001. In September 11, there were miserable attacks on New York and made many people lose their lives in that sad tragedy. That surely was a devastating moment for America. Bush, who was the first man in America at that time, without any hesitation, announced his statement that he against terrorism and condemned to chase the criminals. One of the Bush famous doctrines “War on Terror” launched immediately after the tragedy. He also made a convincing statement that said Saddam Hussein, the Leader of Iraq, hides “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which can destroy all human beings. This doctrine then followed by the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Several international coalitions included in the mission to take down the Afghanistan Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, and the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. The movement was success to roll down those leaders.

Controversy of Bush and Cheney

During the arresting of terrorist detainees, Bush conducted the so unethical investigation methods. These far beyond ethical interrogation methods were including the waterboarding and other torturing techniques to collect the right answer. This made the whole world mad to his policy.