Many people think that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney used to be one of the best president and vice president that United States has ever had. That is because there are quite some achievements that these two men had during their dedication to the United States. Unfortunately, because of the fact that these two men are a human being, there are also some mistakes that they have made. However, there was a fatal mistake that they have done in the past that made many people hate these two men. That is when the president decided to declare a war against Iraq because the president believed that Iraq has the nuclear weapon that is ready to be launched to attack the other nations in the world. That is why there are a lot of people who hated these two men.

Basically, the decision was not that frontal, but the problem was because the accusation was a mistake. That is because United States, especially these two men, did not have enough proofs to prove that Iraq has the biological weapon or the nuclear weapon that will be used to destroy a lot of nation.

At that time, there were not many people who understand this kind of condition because all of the information access to the news related to the war with Iraq were stopped by the vice president and only some of the news that the vice president though proper would be released to the public.

For your information, at that time Dick Cheney ordered the CIA under the support of Bush to give all of the detailed information and updated related with the war in Iraq right to his desk. Even though this kind of thing was quite strange and suspicious, there were not many people who think that much about this thing. However, as the time goes, more and more people are relating all of the things and finally they get the red line of this case. It was finally proven that the things that were done by the vice president were allowed by the president himself to make sure that no critical information would be released to the public without the confirmation of the president. That was the thing that made many people hate this couple as well as blaming them to all of the responsibilities that they should take, especially for the fact that they have killed a lot of innocent people.