The United States’ invasion of Iraq to date still raises quite a number of questions. Even after 17 years have passed which still leaves a lot of questions and also a cold war by most of the people. There is a question that is still confusing by many people. One of the questions is what is the real reason for the President of the United States, namely George Walker Bush or the 43rd president to carry out an attack on one of the thousand nights?

Initially, this attack began when Washington believed that Saddam Hussein, who led Iraq, had weapons of mass destruction. The United States itself is worried that if the facilities it has, namely the nuclear facilities in Iraq, it can actually cause a big war. At that time, the Secretary of State in the United States said if he didn’t want smoke weapons to turn into weapons that would be very dangerous, like nuclear weapons, which could kill quite a lot of people in a short time.On the other hand, Debs and Monteiro put forward their arguments if the accusations made by the United States itself do not have any evidence. Even for one of the reasons itself is the involvement of the United States government in a false propaganda ahead of the war in Iraq itself.

Proving George W Bush's Bullshit About Nuclear

In the rebuttal expressed by Debs and also Monteiro themselves that the actual war between Iraq and the United States will not actually be related to a mass hostility or what is known as WMD. Where some of the reasons for the spread of this democratic ideology will also not affect the war that will occur. In fact, according to him, the Iraq war that will happen is motivated by the United States’ desire to return to being one of the countries that has the highest power in the whole world.Victory is indeed obtained by the Heart of the Arab Land. This country will also send messages to a number of countries, including Syria, Libya, Iran and North Korea. Where this will also assume if the United States itself is still a very large country. Bush himself decided to hold the very important decision behind all this.

Prior to the war that occurred on September 11, 2001, the Secretary of Defense in the United States in the Bush era, Donald Rumsfeld, had considered whether he would conquer Saddam and at the same time increase the credibility and influence of the United States in certain regional areas. In fact, this influence will be stronger even when these symbols will be dominated by the military and the economy in the United States will begin to be destroyed.As a result, the Bush administration, which is getting stronger day by day, must be demonstrated and proven by a major victory in the war that will be carried out. However, the United States itself needs to target a country that can be considered quite strong. Even Bush also mentioned that America should blow up something else in order to prove that the United States itself is a very strong country and is not afraid of some threats or even various ceasefires owned by other countries. A defense minister in the United States in the Bush era himself wrote in a War and Decision in 2009 itself. He even said that his actions against Iraq would make it easier to deal with weaker countries such as Libya and Syria both politically and militarily.