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Indict Bush bus ads
coming to Washington, D.C.
Make a donation now to help us launch this historic effort!

Bus wrap ad

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Simulated photos of bus and bus shelter ads.
The Indict Bush movement is about to take a giant step—and you can help us make it happen!

IndictBushNow is launching a major ad campaign to bring the demands of our movement to the heart of the nation's capital. We are planning to buy 10 bus wrap ads for bus routes operating in the Capitol Hill and White House area. We are also planning to place standard ads on buses and at bus stops.

Our message to the White House and Congress will be unmistakable: "Torture is not just wrong ... it is illegal. Because no one is above the law. IndictBushNow."

Our call will be seen by every representative and senator on the Hill. By U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the other attorneys at the Department of Justice. Not even President Obama will be able to miss it. These stunning ads will draw unprecedented media attention and bring new layers of activists into our ranks.

The stakes in this campaign are high. We must struggle for truth and accountability rather than covering up the crimes of the Bush-era. Congress took the extraordinary step of passing a bill prohibiting the release of the photos depicting the most sadistic torture of prisoners in U.S. custody. The cruelty and depravity of the photos is hard to imagine.

"The world community has expressed its revulsion at the use of torture in any form. Torture is illegal under all circumstances. The prohibition against torture is considered in international law on par with laws against genocide, slavery and wars of aggression. Under the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court, it is a crime against humanity," stated human rights organizations and prominent lawyers in a letter to Eric Holder.

The Indict Bush movement is poised to become a household name in D.C. and beyond—but we cannot succeed without your financial support. We are raising $50,000 to place these ads.

We are working around the clock to raise enough funds to place these ads in January after Congress returns from the holiday break. This is a unique opportunity to put indictment at the top of the national political agenda. Please make an urgently needed donation and become a part of this historic grassroots campaign!

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How much will you give to hold Bush accountable for his many crimes? Please act now -- Make a donation today.

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  •  IndictBushNow; 5614 Connecticut Ave. NW, # 299; Washington, DC 20015