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The principles of the U.S. Constitution
are not "attack advertisement"

CBS attempts to silence IndictBushNow movement!
CBS Outdoor wants to block our demand
for accountability from getting out
CBS Outdoor logo Walter C Kelly, Chairman and CEO, CBS Outdoor Americas
Bus wrap ad
Simulated photo of ad concept rejected by CBS Outdoor.

The IndictBushNow movement has captured the imagination and support of hundreds of thousands of people.

This is a grassroots movement and it is a classic example of the people acting together to defend democracy and the Constitution from government law-breakers.

The struggle for government accountability has entered a new phase. This movement needs your active participation.

Powerful corporate forces who have bowed in the past to pressure from the Bush-Cheney gang are now trying to block this movement from getting our message out.

IndictBushNow had spent weeks communicating with CBS representatives for the launch in Washington, D.C., for our wrap-around bus ads that read: "TORTURE is not just wrong ... it is ILLEGAL. Because NO ONE is above the law," followed by our organization's website address.

But now, CBS officials have suddenly changed their tune. In a communication we have just received from CBS Outdoor (which has the contract for the placement of bus ads in the nation's capital), the advertising media giant rejected our bus ad, suddenly claiming it constituted "attack advertisement."

This is not the first time that CBS has given cover to Bush. The broadcast division of CBS ousted Dan Rather for reporting on President Bush’s questionable National Guard service record. According to a Sept. 20, 2007 article in the New York Times, Dan Rather asserted that the network committed fraud by commissioning a biased and incomplete investigation of the National Guard broadcast to "pacify the White House."

This is an outrage. Our message is factually accurate, asserting that torture is illegal and that no one is above the law, including high-government officials. These are recognized truths. They are fundamental to democracy and the rule of law.

We are not going to take this.

What you can do to fight back
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(1) Send a letter to CBS Outdoor

Denounce this assault on civil liberties and demand that the IndictBushNow bus ad campaign be allowed to proceed.

(2) Spread the word

Share this with your friends, family and co-workers through social networking sites using the buttons below, or by email via the "Email this page" link at the top of this page.

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(3) Make a generous donation to support our work

Our movement is going against powerful interests willing to give cover to the high-ranking criminals of the Bush administration. We depend on your generosity to win this fight.

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