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New York Times says:
Bush's cover-up must end!

George W Bush speaking
Bush claims that every day of his presidency
was "joyous." What an outrage!

Please make an urgently needed donation
to help the movement for indictment grow.

The impact of the Indict Bush movement is growing daily.

Yesterday, the New York Times took the Obama administration to task for shielding Bush era officials and policies from the growing "public clamor for prosecuting those responsible" for torture, secret prisons and other criminal abuses.

It is the efforts of you and thousands of others that are creating this "public clamor" for prosecution.

It is highly significant that the Times warned the White House  of the "danger of turning President George W. Bush's cover-up of abuses committed in the name of fighting terrorism into President Barack Obama's cover-up."

A monumental political confrontation is taking shape. Its outcome will impact generations to come.

On the one hand is the growing pressure on the White House from the CIA and Bush, Cheney and their cronies to back off prosecution for Bush era crimes.

On the other side is IndictBushNow and the broad movement that is an expression of the power of grassroots democracy in action. It is only the determined action of 'We The People' that has sustained the pressure for accountability. The New York Times editorial is a reflection of the actions of hundreds of thousands of people.

Please help us pay for the leaflets, newspaper ads, local and national rallies, lobbying efforts and other expenses associated with this nationwide effort. Click here to donate.

Bush is out there raising huge amounts of money to restore his image. What an outrage. Yesterday, he was paid somewhere in the range of $100,000 to make a motivational speech in Fort Worth. He said that while he was commander-in-chief  "every day was joyous."

Joyous? One cannot help think about the victims of his torture regime, the one million Iraqi families that lost a loved one, the tens of thousands of soldiers and marines who died or suffered life-changing injuries in a war premised on lies and government deceit. One cannot help think about the millions of families who lost jobs and homes as the economy was looted and driven into the ground. 

Please help continue this work by making an urgently needed donation today.

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How much will you give to hold Bush accountable for his many crimes? Please act now -- Make a donation today.

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