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Watch RT Video: Bush’s & Cheney’s Bloody Legacy in Iraq

Iraq is bleeding while Bush and Cheney are gallivanting around the country selling books and making millions of dollars.

The invasion of Iraq stands as one of the greatest crimes in the modern era. One million Iraqis are dead. Thousands of US troops are dead. Tens of thousands more have life-changing wounds.

Suicide rates are soaring among troops who served multiple deployments.

Brian Becker, an organizer for the movement to Indict Bush and Cheney, spoke to RT television yesterday about the tragedy that has befallen the people of Iraq and the United States because of the crimes committed by Bush and Cheney.

The IndictBushNow movement will not rest. No one is above the law. Justice demands the indictment and prosecution of high officials who commit crimes in the name of the American People.

Please continue to show your support for IndictBushNow with a generous contribution.

—From all of us at IndictBushNow!


Watch the Interview with Brian Becker on RT

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