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Dear IndictBushNow supporter,

The latest shocking revelation that the Bush Administration performed medical experiments on its torture victims has caused a new wave of outrage and a demand for criminal prosecution by the New York Times.

Based on a newly released physicians report the New York Times is demanding that the “White House and Congress to investigate the potentially illegal human experimentation and whether those who authorized or conducted it should be punished.”

IndictBushNow and a wide variety of organizations are working non-stop to collect evidence on all of the Bush-era crimes, take testimony, organize public events and build global pressure.

Please help this movement with your donation today.

Here is the latest news:

Following a six month long investigation a preeminent physician’s organization has published a major report revealing that the Bush Administration carried out medical experiments on its torture victims. This is a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code that barred the use of medical experimentation on detainees, following the exposure of Nazi experiments during WW11.

The Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) used public records showing health professionals worked under the supervision of the Central Intelligence Agency during interrogations of "war on terror" detainees after the 2001 attacks.

PHR's new report, "Experiments in Torture: Human Subject Research and Evidence of Experimentation in the 'Enhanced' Interrogation Program," provides new evidence that CIA used doctors and other health care personnel and engaged in the crime of illegal experimentation on detainees who had been tortured under the direction of the Bush Administration.

The “Experiments in Torture” report is the result of six months of investigation and the review of thousands of pages of government documents. PHR says it has been peer-reviewed by outside experts in the medical, biomedical and research ethics fields, legal experts, health professionals, and experts in the treatment of torture survivors.

The purpose of the medical experiments during the Bush years was apparently to measure the effectiveness of particular torture techniques on the victims. This is an abomination.

"Such acts may be seen as the conduct of research and experimentation by health professionals on prisoners, which could violate accepted standards of medical ethics, as well as domestic and international law," states the Physicians for Human Rights in a report it has now made public.

"Not only are these alleged acts gross violations of human rights law, they are a grave affront to America's core values," the report said.

"The CIA appears to have broken all accepted legal and ethical standards put in place since the Second World War to protect prisoners from being the subjects of experimentation," states Frank Donaghue, chief executive of the organization.

Take action now!

IndictBushNow joins in the growing call by many, including the Physicians for Human Rights, that the Obama Administration order "an immediate criminal investigation of alleged illegal human experimentation."

The PHR also called for a probe of violations by the CIA of protections against human research experiments and for Congress to amend the War Crimes Act "to eliminate changes made to the act in 2006 which weaken the prohibition on biological experimentation on detainees."

"In their attempt to justify the war crime of torture, the CIA appears to have committed another alleged war crime -- illegal experimentation on prisoners," said PHR leaders.

We urge all IndictBushNow members to send another letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding a criminal investigation into Bush era crimes based on the new information that not only did they torture those who had been arrested or kidnapped but they violated international law by engaging in medical experimentation to further refine their torture techniques. Click here to send a letter today.

Help this movement grow stronger. This may be a long and hard struggle, but nothing is more important to restore and preserve the Constitution. Please make an urgently needed donation today.


All of us at IndictBushNow

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