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On March 20, We the People will take a stand
National March on Washington
12 noon at the White House

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Dear IndictBushNow supporter,

Join Ramsey Clark and thousands of
others at the March 20
National March on Washington!
12 noon at Lafayette Park
north side of the White House

On Saturday, March 20, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark will address thousands in Washington, D.C., in what will be the largest protest in recent times against the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan launched by the Bush administration. Thousands will demand accountability for the torturers—because no one is above the law.

Dozens of cities across the country are organizing buses, carpools and car caravans to converge at the White House for this truly national mobilization. Among the speakers at the rally will be former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who courageously introduced an impeachment resolution against Bush in 2006, Cindy Sheehan, a long-time supporter of our movement, Ralph Nader and others. We will join them and bring hundreds of placards demanding: "Indict Bush Now!"

This show of force comes on the heels of a court decision permitting a lawsuit against Rumsfeld for authorizing the use of torture--the first time a torture lawsuit against a current or former Cabinet Secretary was allowed to proceed.

The March 20 March on Washington marks the beginning of a new phase for our movement. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are gone from office, but their policies of war, torture and violation of the Constitution live on. A new generation of young activists is joining our ranks for the first time to bring this criminal legacy to an end.

We will proudly stand with them.

Come join thousands of others in Washington on March 20. Spread the word to others. If you can’t attend, you can make a donation to help others make the trip to Washington. To donate, click here.

On March 20, we will speak with one voice: U.S out of Iraq and Afghanistan! Indict Bush Now!

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