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On March 20, IndictBushNow is taking
to the streets of Washington!

Tens of thousands to denounce Bush-era criminal wars

Dear IndictBushNow supporter,

Our letter campaign to CBS Outdoor has been a huge success! More than 4,500 letters have been sent so far denouncing CBS’s attempts to silence the IndictBushNow movement by rejecting our bus ads and calling our defense of the Constitution “attack advertisement.”

The letters are still pouring in, and the battle on this front will continue. But now, it’s time to take to the streets.

On March 20, tens of thousands of people will march on Washington in opposition to the criminal wars and occupations launched during the Bush era. The IndictBushNow movement is organizing a large contingent to raise our demands for justice and accountability to the streets.

March 20 is the seventh anniversary of the Iraq war, Bush's ultimate indictable offense.

Last week, Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis rejected the findings of the Office of Professional Responsibility against former Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee and John Yoo. Bybee and Yoo were the authors of the infamous torture memos that gave the Bush/Cheney gang a fabricated legal basis for their torture policies.

The DOJ’s rejection of the damning OPR report only goes to show that the Obama administration will not hold the top officials of the Bush era accountable out of its own accord. Our mass movement is the only force capable of bringing these high-level criminals to justice. It is time to mobilize.

We encourage all IndictBushNow members and supporters to purchase a bus ticket right now at so we can maximize our visibility at these important demonstrations. Online bus tickets are available from Connecticut, Boston, New York and many other cities. Click here to find transportation from your city and / or purchase a bus ticket.

For those who cannot make it to the demonstration, your financial support will help amplify the message of those who can by allowing us to subsidize the ticket of a youth or student activist. We are urgently requesting donations and contributions for the signs, banners, and transportation for the March 20 demonstration. Click this link to make a donation.

We are a truly massive, grassroots movement and we can do all this work because of the generous contributions by people who believe that indictment is a critical step in the defense of the Constitution. To make a contribution online or by check, please click here.

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How much will you give to hold Bush accountable for his many crimes? Please act now -- Make a donation today.

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