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Message "Indict Bush Now" Rings Out from Coast to Coast

Now: from Street Action to Legislative Action

Message "Indict Bush Now" Rings Out from Coast to Coast
Now: from Street Action to Legislative Action

The IndictBushNow movement made major headway on Saturday. Thousands of people took to the streets in cities across the country to call for an end to Bush's most criminal legacy: the Iraq war. Many of the participants carried "Indict Bush Now" placards and chanted "Bring the Troops Home -- Indict Bush Now!"

IndictBushNow from March 21 #2
These were terrific first events for the IndictBushNow movement, showing that the people of this country will neither forgive nor forget the disastrous and deadly Bush administration.

To help this movement grow, please take a moment and make a generous donation now, so that we can make the case for indictment in the mass media, in the halls of Congress, at every every anti-war demonstration, and in the growing movement for economic justice.
It's time to flood Congress with letters demanding a Special Prosecutor to pursue the indictment of Bush and other high officials from his administration. Over 200 organizations have united to press for a Special Prosecutor. The human misery caused by the economic crisis is only growing and the unimaginable suffering caused by the Bush administration's intentional policies of torture and wars of aggression continues.
We must force the media to report on the culpability of Wall Street's political enablers -- namely, the Bush administration. After charging over a trillion dollars on the nation's credit card -- to go to war and to give kickbacks to his Wall Street friends -- Bush simply jumped the bill. He has to be held accountable.
Now is the time to take a minute and send a letter to your Congressional representatives. Last week a leaked memo from the International Red Cross detailed the barbaric and sadistic acts of torture by the Bush administration. Insist that your Congressional representatives carry out their sworn duty to defend the Constitution by supporting the call for a Special Prosecutor for Bush. There are currently different committees and investigations reviewing the Bush administration's defense of torture and its politically-biased appointees in the judicial branch. But fact-finding missions are not enough. We need prosecution. We need indictment.
Click this link to send a letter to your Congressional representative. It only takes a minute and is very easy to do.
We're on the right path -- now let's keep up the good work.
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