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An appeal from Iraq war veteran Michael Prysner
to IndictBushNow supporters

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“I strongly encourage everyone to support March Forward! and the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans by helping them get to Washington, D.C. for the historic and important civil resistance at the White House on December 16. This next generation of young veterans is the generation that can stop these wars.”

 —Ron Kovic: Vietnam War veteran, author of Born on the Fourth of July

We need your help to bring young Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Dec. 16 action.

Michael Prysner and Ron Kovic
Ron Kovic and Michael Prysner lead anti-war march
in Los Angeles.

Dear supporter,

Nearly eight years ago, I deployed to Iraq at age 19. They told me it was a “just” and “necessary” war. I clearly remember George W. Bush and his administration spewing “fact” after “fact” to rush me and thousands of other young people into war, and to mercilessly carpet bomb an innocent population.

My firsthand experience in Iraq revealed the Bush administration’s rationale for war to be a complete fabrication. I was fighting a war for profit, for Halliburton, for Big Oil and Wall Street, for the rich.

Like so many other veterans, I became inspired by the hundreds of thousands of people heroically fighting against the war here at home and I joined the ANSWER Coalition and the anti-war movement. I also became an active member of the movement.

Veterans for Peace has initiated a veterans-led civil resistance at the White House on Dec. 16 that is being supported by IndictBushNow, the ANSWER Coalition, March Forward! and many other organizations. Please join us at 10am for a rally in Lafayette Park followed by a march to the White House for civil resistance.

Along with other veterans, I am now working hard to stop these wars that started under Bush and continue under Obama. Our movement is growing stronger. More veterans and active-duty GIs are joining our ranks. We need your help to make the veterans-led action at the White House on Dec. 16 a success.

On Dec. 16, we will also be demanding that Bush and his cronies be indicted for the war crimes that they are responsible for—just as he have been confronting the Bush clique every time they show their faces around the country. We will hold high the “Indict Bush” banner to remind people that we must fight to end the wars, but also fight to punish those responsible. We cannot rest until they are held accountable.

We are putting our bodies on the line on Dec. 16. If we do not stand up and fight back, more young people will be deployed to kill and be killed; to be maimed, traumatized and subjected to criminally substandard mental health services upon return.

Our new veterans' movement, which is proudly part of the broader anti-war struggle, knows that justice and change doesn’t come from the top. It comes from a fighting movement from below. Opposition to Bush and Cheney's crimes and the wars that continue today must come from all of those affected—students, working people, military families and, in particular, the veterans and GIs. Instead of fighting for empire, we must intensify our fight against the U.S. Empire.

We are taking that stand on Dec. 16, and we ask you to help make it happen. Whether you are a veteran, GI or an anti-war organizer, we urge you to be there on Dec. 16.

We also ask you to please make a donation to help send as many young Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans as possible to Washington, D.C. for the Dec. 16 action. Your generosity will allow young veterans to participate who cannot otherwise afford it.

More veterans and GIs are standing up everyday. With your support, we can reach and inspire even more to join us in the struggle against these criminal wars, hold those war criminals accountable and to build a better, more just world.

Thank you for your support.

Michael Prysner
Co-founder, March Forward!


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