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Community mobilizes to protest
Cheney Center at University of Wyoming

Cheney trail of death - small (no link)

People are in the streets protesting!
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The Indict Bush and Cheney movement is on the move all across the country. We are joining with the thousands who are taking action for justice. 

Today, the good people of Wyoming are taking action and you can use the IndictBushNow fax and email mechanism to show your support.

The decision to name a new center for international students at the University of Wyoming after former Vice President Dick Cheney has drawn outcries from students, activists and local community members. Both Cheney and his wife are planning to attend the dedication ceremony today at the Laramie campus, where protests are being organized.

According to an AP story, the Cheney family bought the honors with $3.2 million in donations while Dick Cheney was still vice president. This "generous gift" is pocket change next to the tens of millions Cheney got from his years at Halliburton, and certainly not nearly as generous as the military contracts doled out in the war profiteering bonanza of the Bush-Cheney years.

"Should we subject potential donors and the purpose of their gift to public referendum? I think not," wrote University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan in response to the community.

Only by sidestepping public opinion could Cheney be conferred such an honor anywhere in the U.S. But students and community members will be out in full force today to remind Buchanan and Cheney that their respect for the Constitution and human rights is not for sale. We must keep building our grassroots movement for indictment and taking our demand for accountability wherever Cheney and his Bush-era accomplices set foot.

By clicking this link, you can send a message to President Tom Buchanan telling him that it is not only the people in Wyoming, but the people throughout the country, who are outraged that Dick Cheney would have a center for international students named after him at the University of Wyoming.

Click here to send your message to University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan expressing solidarity with the people of Wyoming who are taking a stand against this outrage.

Not only has Cheney done much to ruin "international relations" but, along with Bush and Rumsfeld, is directly responsible for the criminal wars, heinous acts of torture, gross violations of international law and widespread suppression of civil rights that defined the Bush era. Honoring this legacy is an affront to the students and faculty at the University of Wyoming.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of our movement, Attorney General Eric Holder recently appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate the crimes of the Bush era. Holder revealed that the torture tactics of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld included mock executions, waterboarding, hanging prisoners from their wrists for up to three days and more. This investigation must and will lead directly to the top-level officials who ordered these crimes.

Please do everything in your power to help this movement grow. We have hundreds of volunteers who are working throughout the country but every mass movement requires ample funds to carry out its numerous tasks. Please make an urgently needed donation today.

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