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The American People have a right to read a Senate Report about crimes committed during the Bush Administration

Write to Congress and President Obama demanding transparency and accountability!

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Dick Cheney calls for war on Iran

Join us in demanding that the U.S. government immediately release the 6,300-page Senate report that documents in detail the gruesome torture and other despicable crimes that were committed by the CIA under the direction of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

The Senate Report was finished more than a year ago. The American people have every right to be able to read this document. It is an outrage that it has been covered up!

The CIA has classified the report so that it won’t be made public because the release of the information will lead to criminal investigations.

But there must be criminal investigations and prosecutions if crimes were committed, not only of those lower-ranking individuals who perpetuated gross acts of torture and murder against inmates, but also for George W. Bush and Cheney and other high officials who authorized and ordered that these crimes against humanity.

Please send a letter to your elected officials in Congress and to President Obama demanding the immediate release of this Report.

Democracy requires accountability

This is a monumental battle that will define what kind of country and what kind of democracy we really are. The outcome will determine whether the Constitution has meaning or will be reduced to a meaningless piece of paper by those in government who have great power.

Bush’s criminal acts and the complete trashing of Constitutional government have gone unpunished and thus they have become institutionalized. Without accountability government misconduct becomes “accepted practice.”

Just this week we learned from the Senate oversight committee that the CIA had hacked into the Senate computers that were being used to produce the Report on Bush’s torture legacy.

What an outrage! The Indict Bush Now movement continues to carry out this critical work to demand the indictment and prosecution of those who authorized torture, who set up a global network of secret prisons and torture centers, and who lied to Congress and to the people about why they took the country to war in Iraq. We are doing this work and won’t stop.

Please keep showing your support with an urgently needed donation.


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