Some years ago, American finally stated the declaration of war against Iraq. This happened under the leadership of George W. Bush as the President of the United States. Unfortunately, that was a wrong decision to make because that decision turned out to be something that put the US on the edge. As the result, Bush as the President of the United States at that time has to bear all of the responsibilities for that incident. Unfortunately, there are not many people who realized that there is another person who need to take the responsibilities of the thing that happened back then. He is Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States of America at that time.

It is true that most of the statements came from the mouth of George W. Bush as the President of United States at that time, but there are a lot of information that the president got from the vice, Dick Cheney. That is why you cannot simply ignore that Dick Cheney is not responsible for all of the things that happened between Iraq and America at that time. There are quite some proofs that can help you understand that Cheney also has the same responsibility as the president does.

The Connection of Iraqi War with Dick CheneyFor the start, he asked the CIA to give all of the detailed information about the Iraqi War right to his desk at his office. This one is quite awkward because the previous vice presidents will never ask this kind of thing. As an addition to that, he wanted all of the information about the Iraqi War to be delivered to his desk before anyone can read it first. That means Dick Cheney tried to make sure that he learned all of the things about the war before anyone does. As an addition to that, he also cut down some of the best CIA members to be replaced with the ones that he can trust. There are a lot of reasons why he could do that, but many of them were not good enough for the people to believe. As an addition to that, around that time there are also some of the best CIA agents that were dismissed even though they have a good record. Some of them were moved to the lower level of service while the others were fully cut down from the government. Are you still thinking that Dick Cheney was a good vice president?

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