The Fighters of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney War Crimes Charge – Being a leader is not an easy task since one decision may affect all other aspects. Even more, being a leader of a superpower country like the USA. Just take as an example, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, former president and vice president of the USA, who have war crimes charge, filed by these fighters.
• Sundus Shaker Saleh
Saleh is an Iraqi teacher who was forced to leave Iraq due to the USA invasion. She should lose many things, including being separated from her husband and son, and live in poverty in Amman, Jordan. Represented by his attorney, Inder Comar, they argue that Bush and Cheney had committed a violation of international law and indeed were responsible for the aggression.

There is a question of war legality, whether was it legal for Bush and Cheney to declare war or not since there are some overlapping facts. Not as the confusing war, players do not necessarily ask for the legality of the online betting website  since it is guaranteed that the games and the transactions are entirely legal. Furthermore, the fact is the war cause the death of more than 500,000 Iraqi and at the same time displacement of more than five million Iraqi from their homeland. It should be enough to be the accusation that both the US leader and their staffs are guilty.

• Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark
After Saleh filed the sue, Ramsey Clark also supports her by filing an amicus brief. The amicus brief advises the court more information and argument about the legality of war declared by Bush and Cheney. He also argues that Saleh’s case is the representation of an urgent matter which dealing with human rights; therefore, it should be completed.

Clark hopes that with this court process, it can inspire American citizens to be more aware of chosen leaders to have respect to the law and justice, including international law. Therefore, he argues that Bush and Cheney should hold responsible for any decisions that they make regarding the war.

These people are only two of many people who want to know the truth of this case. They also want to fight for human rights as well as to take action of responsibility towards innocents. May human rights still exist and can be enforced.