Torture Facts of Dick Cheney – In the history of USA, the talk about torture will always be associated with Dick Cheney. Being a former vice president of United States of America in Bush’s reign, he was known for his support for torture interrogation. It quickly becomes the talk of the states and many critics are directed towards his beliefs.
– Dick Cheney’s Belief On Torture Investigation
On his presentation to the public, Dick Cheney believes that America has enemies that should be eliminated. Therefore, he adds, CIA has applied what is called as “enhanced interrogation techniques” to get valuable information from the suspects. It turns out that the technique mentioned is the torture method.
Once public realize his true intentions, many directly critics his beliefs, as it stands against the value that makes America a great nation. Many believe that using torture technique will only help to win the physical war. Even players betting in online slot uses certain techniques, but not the one that will make them lose the bet.

Say, for example, that the tortured prisoners share the information, they will be useless for the interrogators and end up being killed. Soon after one opposition leader is killed, more leaders will replace the previous one. Thus, it is not an effective method in a war against enemy.

It is a flipped logic of Dick Cheney to think that torture technique is acceptable as long as the goal could be obtained. Unfortunately, violent approach is the very reason why countries lose in the war. It carries both short- and long-term consequences for the country.

– Several Torture Facts by Dick Cheney
The defense presentation by Dick Cheney is delivered when he sides with CIA during the investigation of 9/11 attacks. He even brings some misleading proofs to make his points. In addition, he claims that the torture technique does not step out the lines of international policy.

Dick Cheney also shares that the rectal feeding practice found is part of the medication. Later on, physicians denies this statement and mentioned that such practice will improve nothing.

In conclusion, Dick Cheney’s belief on the torture investigation stands against the ethics of America, even though this attempt is taken to eliminate the enemies. Looking through the torture cases presented by Dick Cheney, each one of them is questionable. Even when it is true, publicly admitting the torture method brings short- and long-term issues to the country.