Why People Hate Bush as the President of United States – George W. Bush was considered as one of the worst President of United States. It is because there were quite a lot of problematic and unwise decisions that he made in the past. As a matter of fact, some of those decisions were considered as the worst decisions of the history. If you do not believe in them, then you need to know about these facts about Bush that made people hate him quite much.

– Racist Election Campaign
The first one that you need to know is the way he did the election back in 1988. At that time, black people were not living as they are right now. It is because there are still a lot of topics about slavery and such things. For your information, at that time Bush was using one of the black people in Massachusetts to do a crime. His name is Willie Horton. Bush trapped him to rape a white people by releasing him from the jail. Not long after that, Bush won the election there because many people think that the governor at that time, who was Bush’s opponent, was not good enough to handle Massachusetts.

– Dishonest Case of War
The war between Iraq and United States is not something that people have to hide. It is because this war has been happening since many years ago. The point that you need to highlight is not the time length of the war. It is about the real reason why the war happened on the first place. Even though there is no real evidence about this, many people believed that Bush made up the reason. He said that Iraq has the weapon of mass destruction and something like that so that they need to be stopped. However, it has never been proved until this time.

– The Giant War Crime
If you start a war and you end it peacefully, that might be something that many people can forgive. However, it is not that way when you are talking about the war crime of Bush. One of the worst thing that he had done was the bombardment of Iraq with the total of 88,500-ton capacity of bombs. As an addition to that, the exact location where the bomb was dropped was used as the shelter for the civil defense. This is one thing that many people will never forgive from George W. Bush even after he passed away.