It is not a secret anymore that George Walker Bush and Dick Cheney has become the world most hated people in this world. After crowned with the title President of United States of America, Bush acted just like his father, George Herbert Walker Bush who had many controversial track records. Indeed, there were pro and con views about what Bush and Cheney done in their period of ruling the country. Nevertheless, in this essay, we would like to discuss about the polemics during Bush and Cheney two times period.

We all aware of the September 11 tragedy and we all felt so terrible about that disaster. When the tragedy happened, Bush was visiting some elementary school in America. He surely wanted to punish whoever the con behind the mask. Following the catastrophe, Bush acclaimed his war towards terrorism. He later on launched the movement to invade the Afghanistan and Iraq to send the suspected terrorists. The famous doctrine Bush had made called “War on Terror” was continue until the leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, had arrested successfully. The work on vanishing terrorism by Bush was apparently touched several international military teams as well. During the invasion in Afghanistan, there were numbers of international coalitions too. Bush also took down the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, from the throne. Invasion of Iraq actually was something unfortunate. Because of the trigger made by Bush (and followed by Cheney), the war in Iraq has been continue even after the Bush retirement.

Moreover, during the time when invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq took place, Bush allowed his army to murder the innocent citizens. This surely broke the rule of war. Bush also conducted ethical interrogation techniques which were including waterboarding and any other torturing methods to questioning the terrorist prisoners. Later on, Bush and Cheney also leaked the CIA data.