In 2000, America has selected George Walker Bush and Dick Cheney to run the country. Although there was some controversy regarding the election winning moment but Bush Junior and Cheney still crowned to be the most important people in United States of America in that period. Together with his Vice President, Bush ruled America with aggressive movements. Some thought that Bush was incredibly brutal, the other definitely thought the opposite opinion. In 2004, this controversial pair had made their second run to be the most powerful men in the America. Bush and Cheney conducted America’s movement until 2009. Within their period of presidency, there were several controversies that included humanity matter.

War in Iraq that we know today was once triggered by the war made by Bush and followed by Cheney. Bush launched his mission in vanishing terrorism all around the world after the attack in New York on September 11. This infamous tragedy which killed hundreds of people started the Bush doctrine on “War on Terror”. This doctrine then tailed with hostile invasion towards Afghanistan and Iraq. This movement occurred was just because Bush believed that Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq, had hidden the most powerful weapon that can demolish world civilizations. While later after all the unwanted war by started, the accusation of Bush about that “Weapons of Mass Destruction” had never been proven.

In 2003, Bush succeeded to send Saddam Hussein to prison and took down the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. All the suspected terrorists that kept by the CIA was questioned using enhanced interrogation methods. Under Bush authorization, the CIA used the torturing techniques to make those detainees confess. Torturing techniques including waterboarding were prohibited during interrogation. Thus, this authority made by Bush arose so many angry statements from the whole world. Not to mention hundreds of civilians killed from Afghanistan and Iraq invasion below Bush command.