Can We Title Bush and Cheney as War Criminals? – This question has been wandering on millions of people’s heads. The war in Iraqi was mentioned to bring back democracy and to rebuild the country. Meanwhile, this war is reported to be an ambitious mission of Bush and Cheney for their interest on oil companies. Surprisingly, both of these former leaders of US have been convicted as war criminals in one country.
– An Interview with Counter-Terrorism Advisor
During the interview, Richard Clarke confirmed that many of both former leaders’ decisions fall into war crimes. By these decisions and authorizations, both Bush and Cheney directly committed war crimes and they deserve to be put into trial.

The interview alone is already a kind of reminder for all that this particular Bush and Cheney case has gone under the radar somehow. Both of them put people into terrible war with too many citizens of both countries being the victims.

– What Malaysian Court Has to Say
Back in 2012, there was a trial hold for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and both former leaders’ advisors of legal including John Yoo, Jay Bybee, William Haynes, David Addington, and Alberto Gonzales. The trial was done in absentia, but the result is satisfying. The Malaysian court convicted all those names mentioned as war criminals. They are accused of degrading and inhuman treatment during the war, and cruel torture.

Can We Title Bush and Cheney as War Criminals

The Malaysian court released this verdict after week long of hearing and trial. There is no confirmation whether the International Criminal Court will handle the next step, but people actually hope so. Until today, this case hasn’t been taken care of as it should be, and most possibly, it is caused of several challenges for taking it into international trial.

In sum, the Iraqi war was one of the dirtiest war histories in the US. Most of the citizens are ashamed of this and they expect Bush and Cheney to come clear at this. According to so many interviews done by many parties and organizations, most of the victims don’t expect punishment to both of them. However, they expect them to come forward and apologize.

If these people can ignite war on their own, it should one hell of an effort to put them into trial. We should imagine how they will be prepared to flee from their responsibility. This isn’t the first time though.