Dick Cheney Is as Bad as George W. Bush – The name of Dick Cheney was quite famous around the beginning of 2000s. The second man of United States at that time was considered as the real right hand of George W. Bush, who was the number one man of United States. Luckily for Bush, or unfortunately for the American people, Cheney was the real right hand of Bush. Many people even said that they both have the same things inside their brain. It is not that easy to find out if an idea came from Bush or Cheney because what they think is relatively the same. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of people hate Dick Cheney as much as they hate their president, George W. Bush.

– War Criminal Against Iraq
The war between United States and Iraq might be one of the worst things that happened in the past. The real reason is because of the main cause of the war. Personally, Bush stated that Iraq was manufacturing a mass-murder weapon and such things. That was the main cause of the first attack of United States to Iraq at the end of 1990s. However, there are not many people who understand that the real deal behind the war was Dick Cheney. Of course, it is not a simple matter that one or two people can easily comprehend. It is because many people still think that what the president and its vice did was for the country. However, based on his statement in 2006, you can get the meaning that they will do anything that they think is right.

War Criminal Against Iraq

– Zero Communication in Government
Some people are still thinking that the incident could be stopped if there is a good communication between all of the members inside the board. That is one rational opinion to have. Unfortunately, this kind of thing did not happen in the past. Yes, the president and its vice as if talking on their own without asking for some recommendation or something like that from some other board members. They shared what they have in their mind, but they will never ask for any kind of advice. That is why their decision was considered as something final. There is no one inside the board that have the power to stop them, including the start of the war between Iraq and United States. Their war crime is not something that many people will easily forget because of the damage that was caused.