Fact behind Bush and Cheney Meme – There was a viral meme back in 2014, showing Bush and Cheney sitting side by side on their formal office suits. The striking point is the caption added in the picture. What the meme says ignited curiosity, and this wasn’t very surprising due to so many statements that day, saying that both former leaders are war criminals. So what about it?

– What the Meme Says
Meme seems to be an important part of social life today. There are many kinds of memes, from online gambling memes promoting sites to political ones that we are going to discuss right now. This particular meme is meant to be sarcastic. It says:
“When I was growing up, I would never have believed that the former president and vice president of the United States would be unable to visit Europe due to outstanding warrant.”

“This sentence alone has tremendous effect to people. ” sentence, this meme caption actually ignited questions whether both of them were facing serious warrant.

– The Considered Possible Fact behind It
Let’s consider the possibility. Outstanding warrant is actually highly possible. The only institution with the right to issue it is the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC has the authority to put someone, not an organization or institution, into justice if he or she is proven to be guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. By definition, it should include Bush and Cheney in many ways of what they did.

So, if the ICC issues such warrant, the entire cancelation on trips to any part of Europe becomes logical. But then, a shocking update came. Many international law experts stated that they didn’t aware of such a thing. They believed there was no warrant or a kind issued or in pending to issue.

– A Little Explanation on It
Apparently, there was no warrant at all. Cancellation in Toronto was mainly scheduling change. Other cancelations were said to be for the same reason or personal safety if not to prevent riots and protests. Hang on there, it seems like they still can avoid their crime.

Despite to the fact the meme catches a lot of attention and ignites a lot of hope, it seems like it is wrong after all. There is no outstanding warrant whatsoever. Bush and Cheney are still free until today, and no one is trying to put them into trial for their war crimes.