Many of you will surely still remember about the decision that George W. Bush made as the President of United States to attack Iraq because he thought that Iraq has the nuclear weapon, biological weapon, and some other weapons that will put the United States in danger. That was the time when the duo of president and vice president made their decision to launch an attack to Iraq. Unfortunately, as the time goes, there are a lot of leaked information about the condition happened at that time. There are a lot of opinions and assumptions that Iraq was not at fault at all. Iraq did not really have all of those weapons that the US president accused at that time. If that thing really the truth, then the one that needs to be blamed are the president and the vice president of US at that time. They are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

For your information, there are quite a lot of speeches from George W. Bush that stated about the things about Iraq owning all of those mass destruction weapon. That was the thing that attracted a lot of attention from many site at that time and to make it worse, many of them believed in what their president said. Unfortunately, there are a lot of strange things happened there. One of them is the fact that some of the best CIA agents were dismissed because of the strange reasons. If they were lucky, they will be put on the lower position so that they will not be able to have the direct connection to the high government.

Iraqi Case because of George W. Bush and Dick CheneyBesides that thing, there is also another fact showing that those CIA agents who were fired were done by the order of Dick Cheney. Most of them were the one who disagreed with the order from this vice president to give the detailed report from the Iraqi War directly to his desk. This one is surely something strange because that is not something that important to be handled by the vice president himself. As an addition to that, the vice president was the first person to get the detailed report even before the head of CIA at that time. With this kind of circumstances, it is quite trustworthy to say that these two people who led the US at that time were the one who had the international crime against Iraq for declaring a war.