There are a lot of ways to interrogate the suspects of a crime, but there are quite numbers of them that can be considered as a torture, which is against the main principle of many nations in this world. Unfortunately, there is one case where this kind of interrogation tactic was used as the number two man of the United States, Dick Cheney. At the time when Dick Cheney becomes the Vice President of United States, he had done one of the worst torture interrogation that was known as the Bush Interrogation Administration. This was done around 2002. Even though Dick Cheney himself did not take the real part of doing the execution, that does not mean that he does not have the responsibility for this kind of thing that happened at that time.

For your information, the thing that was done to the suspect was quite scary. That is because the suspect was blindfolded before the action begins. After that, the suspect will be tied to a board on the open space area and held down to the bottom part. After this was finished, the executioner will pour a lot of water that goes through their cavities and finally fill up the lungs of the suspect. This is meant to give the impression that the suspect is getting drowned using the boat where the suspect is tied. Unfortunately, even though this kind of thing was considered as the torture interrogation tactic, the vice president himself stated that this is just a mock execution so that the suspect will talk and give all of the information that is needed.

The Torture Interrogation Tactic as One Crime of Dick CheneyFrom the sentence that Dick Chaney stated, it was quite clear that he knew many things about the interrogation process with this kind of method. Unfortunately, his position as the second men in United States made him a bit untouchable. That is why many people dislike this man because of this kind of torture interrogation tactic. However, as the time goes and he was not holding the position of vice president again, there are more and more movements that act to make sure that Dick Cheney should be trialed based on the things that he had done in the past. Even though the chance is quite small for an ex-vice president to be trialed, but there are still hoping to do so because Dick Cheney needs to pay for the things that he had done.