Many people have known that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were two of the greatest men that United States has ever had. That is because they used to be the president and the vice president of these great nation for some years. Even though, that does not mean that these two men have done the best of all from their time as the number one and two man of United States. That is because they used to make one of the worst decision that they have ever made with in the history of United States. That is because they made a decision to declare a war against Iraq because of their opinion saying that Iraq has the biological weapon of mass destruction that can simply destroy a lot of people.

The Trial of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as the War CriminalFor your information, the decision that they both have taken was considered as one kind of war crime. That is because they did not really have all of the proofs to show that Iraq has all of the kinds of weapons that have been accused. Many people agreed that these two men were doing it because of their own reason, to capture Saddam Hussein, which many people believed were used as a scapegoat because of the decision that they have made to have a war against Iraq. This kind of thing was also supported by a lot of facts related with the database from CIA that were delivered directly to the desk of the vice president, Dick Cheney.

The Trial of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as the War CriminalThat was quite uncommon for the CIA to deliver all of the detailed reports directly to CIA because they have the head of the department in CIA. As an addition to that, there were also some active agents in CIA that were disbanded because of many strange reasons. when that thing happened, many people agreed that those things were done by the vice president because some of those CIA agents were not cooperated enough in supplying all of the information that are related with the attacks in Iraq that were done by United States. With all of those foundations, there are a lot of people who agreed that these two had done actually the kind of war crime. Because of the decision that these two men have made, there are a lot of innocent people who died because of the attacks and therefore these two men should take all of the responsibilities for those things.