The president and the vice president of a nation should be the one who help the nation to be better in the future. However, what will happen if the leaders of a nation finally do something based on his own rule that will attract the attention of the world? That is something that happened in United States. United States of America was known as one great nation, but they also have a quite dark history with the president and the vice president that they have chosen. They are the George W. Bush and also dick Cheney. These two men used to lead the United States, but it turned out that there are quite a lot of policies that can be considered as the worst nightmare that this nation has ever had.

The first one is the war declaration against Iraq. Basically, this is not a wrong thing to do if a nation declares a war against another nation. However, the problem comes when there is no specific reason about the war declaration. To make it even worse, it turned out that the war declaration of America against Iraq was a false accusation. That is because Bush stated that Iraq has the nuclear weapons that are ready to launch. Because of that reason, America declared the war against Iraq. However, that thing was not proven until this time so that many people agreed that these two men were making a drama to have their own reason to attack Iraq.

As an addition to that, there is also another thing that became one of the worst nightmares of the American citizens from these two men. It was the illegal spying on most of the American people. This was considered as the worst of all because this kind of thing was against the freedom of the people in United States. As an addition to that, the government did that illegally because they were looking for the possible acts of terrorism among the people of United States. Even though the moment was not that long after the possible terrorist attack on the WTC, that does not mean that these two men were allowed to do such things because it is against the main constitution of United States. With all of those policies that they have taken, it was quite good to say that finally these two men were replaced with the better one and there are a lot of hopes that these two men will never be on the same position ever again.