The war in Iran is closely connected to USA. When Bush was the president, Dick Cheney was appointed as the Vice President as well as the constructor of Iran military strategy. This decision was a huge mistake; years later the war crimes in Iran was revealed. What are the proof that Dick Cheney is behind the crime?

Inhumane Torture to Get Information
Conducting interrogation to the detainees is common technique to get information. In Iran case, the US Army, CIA and some other non-military groups take over the interrogation. Instead of asking questions, the interrogation room turns into the beating room. Various pain and tortures are inflicted to the detainees, sometimes until the interviewers hear what they want to hear.

One testament from Abed Hamed Mowhoush explains the torture quite well. He is beaten repeatedly, then put into the sleeping bag to be wrapped with electrical cords. Even the veteran interviewers know that the detainees could give valuable information if the approach is humane enough.

Dick Cheney

Sexual Abuse to Children, Men and Women
Probably people could forgive the army if they are beating the bad man. Unfortunately, the jailed persons in Iran consists of men, women and children. Not all of them are part of the harmful organizations since many are just regular citizen. They also receive unfair treatment from the army.

Probably one of the most upsetting photos is taken in Iran, showing the soldier, the translator and other US representative rape men, women and children. There is nothing more enraging to the humanity organizations other than this fact. It is impossible that Cheney knows nothing about the case.

Classified Information on The Interrogation Method
While one intelligence committee has successfully created the complete report on the interrogation method applied by US military, the document is held by internal party. Later on, the officials announce that the document is classified, not something for public consumption. Surely, it raises suspicion and questions from many parties.

The world might play blind eye if the victims do not stand for themselves. Their statements reveal the new side of Dick Cheney that the world might not know before. It turns out that he approves inhumane method to interrogate suspects. When an agent has written complete report, it is labelled as classified information.