This Letter From a Veteran Put the Entire World to Tears – The talk about war crimes Bush and Cheney committed can never get cold. Even years after their leadership era, this issue still becomes serious problems for US citizens. Many people suffer from the war, even within the US. A letter from a young veteran came and addressed specifically to Bush and Cheney, and this letter later become famous for its content.

– A Letter from Disabled Veteran
Even though this letter isn’t more famous than those online gambling games in it significantly hits the spot when it becomes as viral. This letter was written by Tomas Young, who was described as a dying veteran and this letter is literally about more than just himself.
At the very beginning of his letter, he wrote that he speaks in behalf of so many people including the husbands, wives, children, and parents of all fellow veterans, not to mention the Iraqis. He doesn’t forget to underline that these veterans have lost their future while the families are just as devastated and suffering from the after effect.

– A Letter That Speak Thousand People’s Heart
The opening of the letter is already hurting, but the next part is even worse. After stating that he is actually dying right at that moment, he also makes sure that all these people that he mentioned know who Bush and Cheney actually are and what they actually did. Young doesn’t think that both of these former leaders really grasp all the consequences of all the lies they told everyone back then.

– Accusation on Bush and Cheney
After stating that he joined the army to defend his country after the 9/11 incident, he also mentioned that he didn’t join the army for pre-emptive war. He accused both of the former leaders of US of telling lies. While both of them insisted that the Iraqi war was aimed to bring back democracy in Baghdad and to rebuild the country in large scale. Both Bush and Cheney had been shoving the idea of damaging what they call as mass destruction weapons on everybody’s throat these times.

Young also stated that the war was merely idiocy of both Bush and Cheney. He stated that this war was began due to Bush and Cheney’s vision of their own empire, their alliance with Saudi Arabia sheiks, as well as their upmost greed on the oil company. This ambitious mission of their own finally involve millions of Iraqis and millions more of US citizens.

In the end of the letter, Young also mentioned that before both of these leaders’ death, they will find the courage and strong character to admit their crimes in front of everyone and apologize. He also hoped that both of them will be put into trial. Literally, this letter is what everyone is trying to say while millions people share the same hope as Young.