The former Vice President during Bush era, Dick Cheney, is so controversial for his statement regarding the US movement on Iran. It has double meaning and the truth comes too late to prevent huge damage in Iran. This is why he is confronted by many parties or organization. What are some of his most controversial statements?

He Will Repeat the Same Action
On September 2006, Cheney had his official interview with the press. At that time, one of the reporters asked him about the new plans for Iran. Cheney replied that the invasion by US Military team “was the right thing to do”. He also added that he would repeat the same action should there be a chance to do it again.
While his statements did not include detail, public wished that he already planned a great strategy to somehow balance the military and economy conflict. Unfortunately, Cheney’s plan killed even more US troops in the battlefield. Moreover, hundred prisoners were still locked in Guantanamo.

Why These Statements by Dick Cheney Are So Controversial

The Robust Interrogation Techniques
Many would agree that interrogation is part of the war. For the war to be over quickly, the enemy should share the details of the crime during the interrogation takes place. One of the most vicious techniques is called waterboarding, suffocating the person using water. Trusted sources leaked that US army applied it to the enemy.
When the protesters confront Cheney about this fact, he simply said that it is a necessary action. He notes that “sometimes you need more robust interrogation techniques” to get the enemy speaks. Since it is Cheney, no one could measure how robust this technique is used.

Swiftly Walking Around the Main Priority
Upon his appointment as the officer for Iran-US diplomatic discussion, Cheney promised to “making every effort to achieve successful diplomatic outcome”. Public expects him to take active steps and approach the stakeholders personally. In the end, the European countries do most parts and he just simply put his name on board.
The problem with Cheney statement is that he dances in the grey area. People have different interpretation of what he meant. In the end, people could only understand what he meant after the result is presented. They are mostly the reversed version of peace, which trigger the anger from many humanity organizations.